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  California Product Stewardship

As testimony to the Regional Council of Rural Counties' commitment to environmental stewardship, the RCRC Board of Directors adopted the following policy on March 21, 2007:


"RCRC supports producer responsibility for financing and arranging the collection and recycling of their products at end-of-life.  Producer responsibility removed the financial burden from local governments and makes recycling become a cost of doing business.  Placing the responsibility with manufacturers/retailers will additionally provide incentive for products to be redesigned in a manner to eliminate or reduce their impact and to increase their recyclability.  RCRC prefers producer responsibility through product take-back by the manufacturers/retailers.  RCRC will consider the reasonable use of Advanced Recycling Fees and Advanced Disposal Fees."


In line with this pledge, the ESJPA signed a Letter of Agreement with the California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) on August 16, 2007.


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For more information on Extended Producer Responsibility visit the
CPSC website at:


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