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Chair - LaVada Erickson, Siskiyou County
Vice Chair - Bob Pickard, Mariposa County
Executive Director - Brent Harrington
Program Director - James Hemminger, P.E.,
Technical Advisory Group Chair - Alan Abbs,
                                                                       Tehama County


Rural Counties’ Environmental Services Joint Powers Authority

Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda


801 12th Street –  2nd Floor    

Sacramento, CA  95814

(916) 447-4806


Thursday, May 19, 2005       1:30 – 4:00 p.m.


Only those items that indicate a specific time will be heard at the assigned time.  All other items may be taken out of sequence to accommodate the Board, the staff and the general public.  Indicated time allocations are for planning purposes only and actual times will vary from those indicated.




             I.      Call to Order, Self Introductions, and Determination of Quorum


          II.      Public Comment


Presentation only of public testimony with respect to any matter relevant to the Authority’s business.  
Any person in the audience may address the Board on any agenda item or other matter relevant to the ESJPA, subject to the time requirements of other business


       III.      Business Matters


Discussion and possible action related to the following:


A.  Review and approval of minutes of the meeting of March 24, 2005


B.     Adoption of Resolution Approving the Independent Auditors’ Report and Financial Statements for the Year Ended December 31, 2004 – Stacey Miner, ESJPA Program Administrator (10 minutes)


C.     Adoption of Resolution Authorizing ESJPA Submittal of an 11th Cycle (2005/06) Used Oil Block Grant – Stacey Miner (5 minutes)


D.    ESJPA Website Update – Stacey Miner (10 minutes)


    IV.   Presentation Items:


A.  Tour of Northern Rural Counties by Chair Rosario Marin of the Integrated Waste Management Board – Mary Pitto, ESJPA Program Manager (15 minutes) 


B.  Landfill Gas Monitoring Requirements (Presentation) – Adam Harris, Division of Water Quality, State Water Resources Control Board (15 minutes)


C.  Film Plastics  (Presentation) – Christine Flowers, Market Development Program Coordinator, Waste Prevention & Market Development, CIWMB (10 minutes)


D. Overview of Solid Waste Programs in Tehama County (Presentation) – Alan Abbs, Solid Waste Director, Tehama County/City of Red Bluff Landfill Management Agency  (20 minutes)

V. Solid Waste/Regulatory Update


Discussion and possible action related to the following:


A.  Report from the CIWMB – Kyle Pogue, Integrated Waste Management Specialist, Board Chair Office and Office of Local Assistance (10 minutes)


B.   U-Waste Regulatory Update – Karl Palmer, Manager, Hazardous Waste Management Branch, DTSC (15 minutes)


C.  CIWMB 18 Month Priority Activities – Alan Abbs (15 minutes)


D.  Other Regulatory Issues of Interest or Concern – Alan Abbs (10 minutes)

·        May 19, 2005 Technical Advisory Group Agenda

·        Letter of Support (Perata) – Appointment of Rosario Marin

·        Letter of Support (Perata) – Appointment of Rosalie Mule

·        Letter of Support (Battin) – Appointment of Rosalie Mule

·        Letter of Support (Battin) – Appointment of Rosario Marin

·        AB 1497 – Permit Implementation Regulations

·        W.A.T.E.R. April 15, 2005 Letter to SWRCB Chair Baggett, Jr.

·        Los Angeles Times Article – Governor Shelves Plan to Reorganize Cal/EPA


VI. ESJPA Program Updates


Discussion and possible action related to the following:


A.  Report from the Department of Conservation, Division of Recycling – Sharon Minard, Recycling Specialist (10 minutes)


B.   Regional Application for DOR’s FY 2005/06 Competitive Grant – Mary Pitto (5 minutes)


            C.  Regional Application for CIWMB HD-14 Household Hazardous Waste Grant – Bliss Hipp

                  (5 minutes)


            D.  Upcoming Grant Opportunities – Stacey Miner (5 minutes)


   VII.  2005 Legislation


Overview of 2005 Solid Waste Legislation – Rich Mason, RCRC Legislative Advocate, Mary Pitto, Alan Abbs, and Larry Sweetser (pp 37-80; 10 minutes)

·        Letter of Support (Bogh) – AB177 Solid Waste: biomass conversion

·        Letter of Opposition (Simitian) – SB 420 Waste Mgmt:: diversion rates

·        Letter of Opposition (Lowenthal) – SB 729 Water Quality: discharge requirements

·        Complete Text of Selected Solid Waste Bills


VIII.    Agenda Suggestions for Next ESJPA Board Meeting Scheduled for August 18, 2005


IX.    Member County Concerns / Comments


 X.    Adjournment


Meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities.  By request, alternative agenda document formats are available to persons with disabilities.  To arrange an alternative agenda document format or to arrange aid or services to modify or accommodate persons with a disability to participate in a public meeting, please contact our offices at least 72 hours prior to the meeting by calling (916) 447-4806.


Agenda items will be taken as close as possible to the schedule indicated.  Any member of the general public may comment on an agenda item at the time of discussion.  In order to facilitate public comment, please let staff know if you would like to speak on a specific agenda item.


The final agenda for this meeting of the Board of Directors of the Rural Counties’ Environmental Services Joint Powers Authority will be duly posted at its offices: 801 12th Street, Suite 500, Sacramento, California at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.